• Engineering services
    for .NET nanoFramework

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  • Laboratories

    Temperature monitoring and recording
    during the transport, storage and processing of samples
  • iButton Thermochron
    and Hygrochron

    The smallest
    digital logger in the world!
  • ExpressThermo

    The features you need in a
    very easy to use interface.
  • Monitoring

    Chose the most appropriate logger:
    Single trip, with display, with button starting...
    We have it!
  • Pharmacies

    To meet the legal requeriments
    for monitoring and recording temperature


Food Industry

To deliver a top quality product you have to monitor its temperature during transport, processing or storage. We have the right solutions for all the steps along the way from the farm to the fork.

Horeca & Retail

Your customers want to be sure that they are buying or eating a food product that was stored, displayed or even cooked at the correct temperature. We have the right solutions to help you keep all that under control and show evidence of that.

Life Sciences

Dealing with temperature sensitive products such vaccines, drugs, blood or clinical samples is challenging. Either you are a pharmacy, a lab or a bio-bank we have the right solution to assist you in meeting compliance and GP requirements.


There is a growing pressure for farmers to increase production. But there is a limit to what humans can do by themselves. Technology plays an important role here. We have solutions to help you monitor your crops, forests and fields.

Turn-key development.

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  • Requirements analysis and suggestions
  • Development and testing
  • Production and delivery