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WARNING! This version is not compatible with Windows 8/10. If you use that operative system please refer to the page of the latest version.

Eclo ExpressThermo 2007 is a management software for iButton Thermochron®, Hygrochron® and iBTag® data loggers.

These loggers are suitable for applications of transport and storage of temperature and humidity sensitive products.

The user friendly interface allows the user to program the log parameters, download the collected data, analyse it and manage all the information. Eclo ExpressThermo 2007 is available in three versions - Basic, Professional and Viewer – in order to satisfy different user profiles and requirements.

The Basic version includes the main features to setup the data loggers and analyse the collected data, including printed reports and direct exporting to Excel. The Professional version, besides those features, includes advanced tools to analyse the data from several loggers, statistics, time based interval analysis, customizable reports and optional modules suitable for specific applications.

Both Basic and Professional versions support direct download of data from the TEK Flashpen from TEK Industries and the Temp-Tec Reader device from Temperature Technology.

The Viewer version allows downloading of Thermochron and Hygrochron programed in a licenced version of ExpressThermo, stopping the mission, generating reports and saving mission data to files.