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OEM Products

These products are designed for a specific purpose. They can be customized or have a broad use, as such, we believe we should offer them as individual components.

Tiny GSM/GPRS module with SIMCOM's SIM800H. Mesuring only 39x48[mm] this module has everything you need to "IoT enable" your next project.

We provide a .NET Micro Framework driver that makes using it a breeze.

This adapter enables communication with Thermochron®, Hygrochron™ and iBTag® loggers from ExpressThermo ™ software (or other iButton compatible).
Optionally it may include a DS2401 ID chip.
Emulates DS9097U adapter from Maxim.

THP400 printer is a portable device that prints log reports directly from Thermochron® and Hygrochron® data loggers. Besides printing the temperature and humidity log reports it’s also able to start and stop a mission and also check alarm status. It’s perfect for cold chain transport and delivery applications where the personal needs to perform all this operations quickly and without a computer.
A rechargeable battery powers THP400 and allows printing several hundreds of reports before needing to be recharged.
The temperature and humidity data log is not deleted from the Thermochron® or Hygrochron®, nor is the log operation disturbed in any way. The log data can be latter downloaded at the office with an apropriate software.