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Eclo Solutions was founded in 2003 with 100% Portuguese capital. Our business concerns the research, design, development and selling monitoring solutions for various markets. Solutions based on software and electronic equipment that we design from the ground up or most of it.
In addition to our own brands, we also distribute several international brands of measurement and monitoring equipment.
Our headquarters are located in Leiria, a pleasant city in the centre of the Portugal, a region known for its entrepreneur spirit.
Our success in the markets in which we operate results mostly from:
- Constant research, development and innovation
- Design of original solutions focused on solving real problems
- Focus on the market and the real needs of our customers
- Excellent after-sales service
In addition to our standard solutions, we also have capabilities that allow us to work turn-key development projects. The portfolio of such solutions includes important projects, such as an integrated operational information management system, traceability and temperature and humidity records for the largest fruit exporter in Argentina.
- Eclo One wireless sensor and actuator system;
- Temperature and humidity recording, and monitoring systems based on the ExpressThermo software and the Thermochron, Hygrochron, iBTag, LogTag and Lascar registers;
- Web-based cold chain information management system: Thermologistics Pro;
- Concrete maturity monitoring system.
In a pleasant and informal work environment, Eclo Solutions challenges creativity and the individual contribution of each member towards a common objective. Expects from each team member a strong dedication, commitment and enthusiasm to overcome the daily challenges.
International presence
We work with local partners who market our solutions in several countries, in particular: United States, Spain and Australia.